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Disputes ResolutionConsumer Disputes

Make a ComplaintWho can submit a dispute?

All individual and enterprise subscribers may submit a dispute, provided that their standard subscriber contract with their service provider do not stipulate that disputes should be resolved by legal process or binding arbitration and it has not been individually negotiated.

Make a ComplaintHow to submit a dispute?

You may submit your dispute directly to the Authority through any of the channels listed in on TRA’s contact page. The dispute may be submitted verbally to the consumer contact center on 81188, electronically via consumer page available on TRA’s website or written addressed to the Authority published address.

Make a ComplaintWhat is the dispute procedure for acceptance?

Upon validating the documents & information submitted with the dispute, the Authority will start investigation with your service provider.

Supporting ConsumersDispute Procedures

When can I submit a dispute to the Authority?

If you are not satisfied about the outcome of your complaint with your service provider, you may submit your dispute within 12 months from the date you have complained about.

Empowering ConsumersFrequently Asked Questions

The service provider should address the issue within a limited period from the date of submission as per the code of practice. However, if this period has elapsed without solving the problem, or if the consumer received a non- satisfactory response, the consumer has the right to submit the same complaint directly to the Authority including all supporting documents.

We advise you to:

  • Compare between the products features and prices.
  • Select the service that you think meet your requirements best.
  • Select the package within your budget.
  • Select the service that is available at your location.
  • Ensure that the contract term suits your needs.

Fraud complaints can be submitted directly to the concerned entity at the Ministry of Interior.

A free service is allocated which allows consumers to block nuisance messages by sending the word block followed by the sender's ID to (88444). If the issue continues, the consumer has the right to submit a complaint to the authority.

TRA requires that all service providers have a complaints process and Code of Practice that sets out their complaints process. These should have been approved by TRA before it put into practice by service providers. You can ask your service provider to provide you with the complaint process and Code of Practice. Which are available on their website.

Supporting ConsumersStay in Touch

You may submit your complaint, enquiry or suggestion with TRA via the following channels.

Consumer HotlineCall our Consumer
Contact Center 81188

EmailBy emailing us via

FaxBy sending us a
fax on 17532523